Waterfront is a prestigious seafood bar and grill on the ground level opening to the river promenade.

The Zampelis family have a long tradition of serving high quality fresh food in Australia dating back to 1902 when Dimitrios Zampelis’ emigrated from the Island of Lefkas, Greece. He was one of the first people to establish a seafood cafe in Australia.

Dimitrios sponsored his nephews Nicholas (in 1924) and George (in 1954) to come to Australia and help expand his business.

Our new location at Southgate will allow for a much more enhanced experience for diners. A continued focus will remain on our fresh ‘from the sea’ and ‘from the farm’ to the plate philosophy. We will enhance your dining experience by incorporating several new features including:

  • Alfresco dining area for in excess of 100 people
  • Larger meat lockers ageing whole meat on the bone, then cooked on new state of the art char-grills and ovens
  • Two larger crustacea, raw, oyster bars
  • Made to order seafood chowders

And of course the freshest seafood dishes our customers have come to love over the years.

Our Venue is complemented by an extensive red wine list sourced globally and a continued commitment to fresh produce and excellent service.

Open 12pm to late 7 Days

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